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Yokai Tamer Cheats tool is a new thing to help you get better at Yokai Tamer. Heyy guys!!! We are proud to release our new Yokai Tamer hack so you can use it at any time. The Yokai Tamer Hack tool went to numerus test and its finaly avaliable for download on our site for free. Special thanks to people who tested our beta Yokai Tamer Cheats. Do you want to know how to get free Pink Jade in Yokai Tamer? Or how to get unlimited Blue Jade in Yokai Tamer? The answer is our Yokai Tamer Cheats Tool. It also has many other features that you will surely like. Not only you will get free Pink Jade and Blue Jade in Yokai Tamer but you will also be able to get everything else you will need. With this download you will get special guide to help you beat difficult parts of the game. I almost forgot to mention that we have installed a new Anti-Ban and Proxy systems in our Yokai Tamer Hack Tool so no one will be able to know if you used our Hack Tool to add free Blue Jade and Pink Jade to your Yokai Tamer account. They wont be able to ban you for using our hack. With everything taken into account, this Yokai Tamer Cheats is unquestionably the best arrangement in the event that you need to get Pink Jade and Blue Jade in Yokai Tamer for nothing. It accompanies a lot more things, so investigate this site and offer it via web-based networking media. Adhere to the directions to get the Cheats to work. Make the most of your game!!

Peruse our itemized instructional exercise on the most proficient method to utilize Yokai Tamer Cheats. As a matter of first importance, open Yokai Tamer Cheats. Effectively click Online Guide and our online generator will be opened in your program. Once there you should enter your username for Yokai Tamer or your email address and it will associate your gadget to this Yokai Tamer Hack. Be careful, if there is many individuals utilizing the device at a similar minute you may need to affirm that you are not a spammer. In the event that you experience any issues don’t hesitate to remark and we will hit you up as quickly as time permits.

Yokai Tamer Cheat Features

  • Free Pink Jade – Pink Jade will be free for you in Yokai Tamer
  • Unlimited Free Blue Jade – Blue Jade will be free for you in Yokai Tamer
  • iOS and Android supported
  • New User interface
  • IP Proxy – Masks your IP form everyone
  • Anti Ban System – You will be protected from bans by game admins

Yokai Tamer Guides

Yokai Tamer Guide is a guide for this well known new game. Notwithstanding, when you are sufficient, you can overcome up to 3 managers for every day in this prison, all of which drop ground-breaking apparatus and gear. We’ve referenced this strategy a few times as being perhaps the most effortless approaches to expand your capacity in Yokai Tamer. Basically, when you have some extra Pink Jade lying around, you can essentially explore to the “improve” menu to dump it into your apparatus and increment their details. The best part about rigging upgrades is that these enhancements tie to the apparatus space, and not to the pieces themselves. Be that as it may, while the game’s auto-fight and auto-route highlights can streamline finishing these missions, the AI leaves a great deal to be wanted. When utilizing the auto-route highlight to finish missions, you’ll see that your character will now and then remain behind granulating on beasts. While this is a decent method to cultivate for understanding, it doesn’t help at all when all you need is to finished story missions. Fortunately, with the , you can arrange your character to quit chasing and to go to the following journey goal, by squeezing a solitary catch. Through the “gear eating up” menu, you can dump all your overabundance hardware to somewhat expand your current CP just as to get mellow increments to your details. Like apparatus improvements, gear eating up is an easy decision and takes just a couple of snaps to perform. Make certain to visit this menu regularly to get some value out of your unused apparatus. After arriving at level 160, you’ll open the Red Gear include, which is the main kind of creating that you can perform in Yokai Tamer. It’s extremely easy to do them, and you might’ve just done a couple without acknowledging it. With respect to the every day journeys, there are around 20 day by day missions in a chain which will give you a great deal of EXP too and progress towards the day by day objective. So definitely, attempt to do them each and every day the entirety of the day by day journeys since they will give you a lot of valuable prizes. Each and every day you will have a couple of prisons which you should attempt to finish, since they won’t just give you extraordinary EXP yet in addition assist you with gaining a ton of good apparatuses. It will require some investment to download everything, except from that point onward, you will be given prizes. The Redeem tab is the place you enter any blessing codes you got. At last, the Follower tab gives you prizes for following the game’s different internet based life stages. This one takes a touch of work since you have to contact their help and submit screen capture verification that you truly bought in to their pages before you become qualified for the prizes. Sparing the world is much more work than you might suspect. Beside the story missions we just referenced, another significant part of advancing in Yokai Tamer is to finished your day by day missions. Through completing these basic solicitations, you will get huge amounts of experience, gold, and other valuable things. These missions are exceptionally direct and for the most part comprise both of executing a couple of hordes, battling a chief, or conversing with a NPC. In addition, you can even finish them consequently by tapping on the assignment in the mission list. Make a point to set an alternate route to the mission rundown to streamline this procedure. Maybe the most helpful advantage of being a piece of a Guild is the Guild Skill. Go to the Skill tab and you will see a lot of buffs that you can redesign by spending Guild Contribution focuses. The higher your level, the more buffs you will have the option to open in this tab. Commitment focuses are unique in relation to Activity focuses. You can gain a large number of Guild Contribution focuses by routinely taking part in various Guild Events. Arriving at specific achievements in the game will qualify you for Achievement rewards. Moreover, as you complete accomplishments, you acquire accomplishment indicates that are utilized update your accomplishment level, allowing you lasting detail rewards to your toon. Winning accomplishments in Yokai Tamer isn’t such a great amount about picking up acknowledgment from your companions, yet for overhauling your character with the detail reward conceded by your accomplishment level. In this sense, in case you don’t know what to do straightaway, swing by the accomplishments menu to check whether there are any undertakings you can finish rapidly; these detail helps are constantly welcome. These bits of apparatus accompany 1 space in which you can connect pearls to additionally builds their details. The said expands shift as indicated by the kind of diamond you utilize and incorporate ATK supports, HP lifts, and DEF helps, among others. Getting jewels, in any case, is an entire other issue as these little buggers are hard to obtain in Yokai Tamer. We’ve gotten a few jewels by finishing story missions. Nonetheless, it appears as though the main dependable strategy for gaining diamonds is by obtaining them from the store. This will build your EXP picked up from the cell and it is unquestionably justified, despite all the trouble. You can likewise spend Jades to initiate multiple times more EXP, however that is completely up to you. Simply ensure that you initiate the Coins Battlecry. Head on to Dungeons – > Multi Player – > Gear Dungeon and here you can either Single enter or line up to frame a group of 3 players. I generally want to go for the Solo cell since you can enter whenever and you will get great riggings in any case.

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